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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  November 14, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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november 14th, 2011 glad you are with us i am steve shown bee. not bad -- chenevey. not bad. tony perkens. >> yes, it will be a nice day today we will have clouds around, we are going to have breezy conditions but our temperatures very very nice, we are getting off to a nice start. take a look current temperatures, 55 degrees washington, dulles airport, 54 degrees, someone's foot is on one of the pedals, just want to let you know, the prompter is running. satellite radar composites for the region, cloudy skies across the region this morning, continue to see clouds, through the day today, partial sunshine there will be partial sunshine, that off to the north and west, that precipitation, we will get that in here late tonight,
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early tomorrow. the forecast today, not a bad one, partly sunny, breezy, warmer, highs upper 60s not bad at all. all right more on the weather coming up in a bit right now let's find out what is happening with traffic julie. >> good morning to you sir. very busy on the roads the gang is all here starting to fill in the blanks, southbound 270, lanes are open, our vanna, toward the lane divide 47 minute commute. westbound i-70, 85 cleared, an accident involving a pedestrian, prince georges police on the scene of this crash. accident activity reported this location, out to the road, the outer loop remains slow, leaving 95, headed towards georgia avenue. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. new this morning, trouble
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on and off the field. two players tested positive for reck rational drug use. they are among 11 players league wide who tested positive for drug use. it is the longest losing streak of mike shanahan's career as a coach. grossman started overbake, more on the qv drama and break down the latest loss. herman cain's wife is talking now, gloria cain addressing sexual harassment claims against her husband. this is the first time we are hearing from her. good morning. >> always good to hear from the missuses we are coming off from yet another gop debate, since allegations surfaced against herman cain we are indeed
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hearing from his wife. >> throughout it all, herman cain is riding high in the polls but with signs his support may be slipping his rarely seen wife is now breaking her silence. he totally respects women,. >> gloria cain defended her husband in an interview with greta van sustern. >> i am thinking he would have to have a split personality do the things that she said. herman cain and fellow republicans participated in a debate on cbs over the weekend spending most of their time hammering president obama, among other things, questioning his opposition to water boarding, and interrogation method no longer officially sanctioned. >> let me say this, they are wrong, water boarding is torture, it is contrary to america's traditions, contrary to our ideals. >> for the president it was a
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rare response to the republican field but it is likely just the start. the general election is less than aier away for republicans, the nominating contest, starts in just about a month and a half. a new online survey from rotors, shows mitt romney -- reuters shows mitt romney may be falling. if you start filling in the blank with a specific republican the president has an edge. back to gloria cain her interview airs tonight on fox news. alison, steve. >> thank you so much. president obama is not neglecting the campaign trail during a 9 day trip in the asia pacific region he is said to raise money at a resort in la way, a day after he -- in what
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ray, a day after he used the -- hawaii, a day after he used the apeck summit. the president pushed for action from the debt super committee which appears dead locked. coming up next for president obama he will talk global economy and security issues in australia and indonesia. president obama publicly addressed the penn state child abuse scandal for the first time since the news broke 10 days ago his comments came during the closing news conference at the apec summit hawaii. what happened at penn state indicates that at a certain point, folks start thinking about systems and institutions, and don't think about individuals. for folks not to immediately say nothing else matters than
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making sure those kids are protected, that is a problem. >> as for the latest on the scandal the governor of pennsylvania says there may be an investigation into who knew about gerry sandusky's actions, the judge who released sandusky on unsecured bail worked as a volunteer at the charity. he is charged with 21 counts for allegedly abusing 8 boys over an 11 year period. dc police investigate an early morning homicide a man shot in 500 block edge wood street northeast 2:20 a.m., he later died at the hospital. no word on suspects. checking our other top stories, authorities looking at surveillance video, to gather evidence on a shooting that injured a bus passenger.
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a man on the bus was hit with a bullet no word on his condition this morning. a felony arrest warrant for a 21-year-old man from idaho they believe he fired shots near the white house friday night he has several tattoos including one on the side of his neck that says israel they found his car crashed at an on ramp tetrose vellet bridge a short time later and an ak 47 assault rifle inside the vehicle. >> we don't know what his motivations were so when he is located we would like to find out what he was thinking and have him offer his version of what transpired. >> they believe he is still in the dc area if you see this man call parks police. owner of a new restaurant in can cost yeah facing serious drug charges, natasha dasher had $1.5 million worth of cocaine delivered to her office in a truck federal agents tracked the drugs all the way from texas, union town bar and
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grill opened in february. a dc night club will be shut down while police investigate a violent attack. it happened overnight saturday two men were arguing when one pulled out a knife. former dc mayoral candidate is due in court today. prosecutors dropped charges he failed to obey police. brown is part of a federal investigation he accused mayor grey's campaign to attack the then mayor adrian fente. he confessed to killing more than 70 people today the norwegian right wing extremist made his first court appearance in person we will have details. another dispointing week for the red skins, more quarterback drama. up next, dave ross takes a look at what happened in miami
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yesterday. as we take you to break a live lookout side, latest weather and traffic from tony and julie coming up next. now it is 7:09 a.m. @
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7:12 a.m. making headlines, tight security in norway the terror suspect accused of killing 77 people made his first appearance in court in person. the hearing was to decide whether or not to keep him in jail until his trial. today he tried to give a speech describing himself as a resistance leader but was cut off by the judge in july he set off a bomb at oslo, killing 8 people before going on a shooting rampage on a nearby island, hosting a youth camp at the time. he has confessed to the attacks but not pleaded guilty. in europe, developments in greece and italy, boosting
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stock markets, italy has a new prime minister this morning. the new prime minister, monti is forming a new government in greece the new prime minister is presenting his platform ahead of a confidence vote in parliament. the nba players association meets in new york this morning the session could send it into a tail spin. representatives from all 30 teams are expected. they are trying to salvage a 72 game season that would start december 15th. i find that most people that i talk to, even basketball fans at this point don't care. i find they say oh, so there is no season. >> i think after the nfl lock out now it is not big news any more. >> yeah. >> do you think people will miss it during the playoffs? >> some will i am sure. >> at that point football
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season is over and people might be looking to it. >> all right. >> weather, our temperatures are still mild and getting milder, right pow we are 56 degrees here in washington dc check out your temperatures across the east, 66 cincinnati, 56 boston, rochester new york, 56 degrees behind that cold front, 38 minneapolis, 47 detroit, 45 omaha, 30s in the northern plains, let's see, off on the west coast, across california, 50s. 40s to the north. the national sat rad we have some clouds over us but we showed you a live shot with a good amount of sunshine, coming through that is good that is the way it will be today, partly sunny skies, rain showers off to the north and west, do eventually make their way into this region, but it won't be until i think late tonight when we start to see showers pop up, late tonight
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during early overnight. high today, 69 degrees, breezy under partly sunny skies, tomorrow, maybe a few showers particularly early, 67 degrees, for your high tomorrow, and then on wednesday we do have showers, 60 degrees, thursday and friday temperatures 50s for your daytime high that cold front comes through drops our temperatures that is the latest on our temperature. >> not too bad. >> no, not at all. all right let's check with julie wright. >> that is my judgment. >> it is not too bad and a little busy on the roads thankfully we have cleared accidents prince georges county off wood yard road, so we do have lanes there open once again. travelling atop stretch of the belt way, college park to silver spring a 21 minute commute, leaving route 1 to georgia avenue. no tie ups, out of laurel headed down toward it is belt way, wrapping it up, here, 66,
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it is congested, fair oaks headed in toward 123 at the belt way, the belt way slows between van dooren and telegraph on the outer loop. red skins continue to stumble they have lost 5 straight games they fell to the dolphins yesterday they came in with one win, left with two wins. >> see we are going to go glass half full. >> okay. >> here is why we are going to do that, yes, it is a pitiful monday and tony, is not going glass half full. nice walk through by the way. they have lost five straight if you want good news and things to be happy about today from what you saw in yesterday's game, ryan kerrigan everyone is clam morring about a quarterback today, if you had a quarterback, you wouldn't have had ryan kerrigan what he has been doing is very impressive, yesterday, six tackles, five solo, two sacks, one forced
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fumble they got in a turn over he has been everything a first round pick should be. okay. i got to give the shanahans kudos or at least mike shanahan kudos, another shanahan draft pick from last year is perry riley, he made his first start of the year, this year. he was all over the field, at one point i mistaken him for fletcher because he was flying to the ball so often he tied the team lead with 9 tackles, had 7 solo tackles, qv hit and how about this, 4 tackles per loss that lead both teams, so perry riley if this is the type of play we are getting out of the lsu kid that could be a hidden gem for years to come. the last guy i thought was impressive, was the rookie from miami, leonard hanker son. huge hands, third round pick, huge physical guy reminds me of a michael irvin type player,
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look michael irvin is in the hall of fame but body type he is running a lot of inside routes, he went up and got some balls like this one, hand extended to go up and get it, 8 catches, 106-yards, i will throw this out to you steve this is deep trivia, if you get this i will buy you lunch. can you tell me the last time a rookie receiver for the red skins went over 100-yards. >> i cannot. >> alison or tony want to play? lunch is on the line. 2001, rod gardener, ten years. >> i could not have come up there >> that is why i threw luncheon there, i knew you wouldn't get it. you also have roy who does a fine job as running back a rookie running back performing, rookie defense why not get a
7:19 am
rookie quarterback next year. i think they will. that is the point next year they -- >> hasn't been their mo. >> not been mike shanahan's mo i think they have to go down that route next year getting ryan kerrigan last year meant they couldn't get that first round draft pick they passed on sanchez a couple years ago that is looking to be a good move too. let's hope next year they invest it wisely in a rookie you will have growing pains, but also, if you get those young legs like you are seeing in defense with perry lie lee and kerrigan -- riley and kerrigan. they got to get more coverage for that quarterback. but they do have some pieces in place to be optimistic for some years down the road. this is not a quick fix problem. we will -- red skins fans will take their lumps this year i don't think this year there is a whole lot of optimism for the
7:20 am
rest of the 7 games, 3 and 6 and 5 game losing streak again we are trying to go glass half full you see some ability box there, where do i have hope those guys i just showed you. >> you want to follow the glass half full team, seven teams they have left to play, have a 7 and 30. dallas sunday, everything rides on that one if they want hope for second half of the year. >> thanks. sorry no body got lunch today. >> i am sure you are. he is getting the 11¢, z burger special. 56 degrees on a monday morning still ahead startling new report about diabetes and its impact on people worldwide >> number of sexual attacks on campuses in west virginia. and a musical composed by one of their own, holly morris
7:21 am
good morning. >> i have a wonderful sneak peek this morning alison i am on stage on the set as they get in an early morning rehearsal elizabeth the musical going on at briar wood high school in ash burn virginia, it was written entirely by a senior here, we will find out about his creation and how you can come out and see it for yourself an original a little later 
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some disturbing numbers to pass along the richmond times dispatch is reporting arrest and convictions for sexual assaults on seven virginia college campuses are well below the national average, 62 cases from 2002 to 2010 only 7
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resulted in arrest four convictions half of the women who report attacks refuse to co- operate with police or don't follow through and press charges. commander at dover airforce base, defending the whistle blowers. he tell it is delaware state news the three whistle blowers did nothing wrong the airforce punished three officials for gross mismanagement including two instances when body parts were lost. the whistle blowers went outside the chain of command after superiors failed to address the problem. by the year 2030 one in ten adults could have diabetes, 522 million people and the number of deaths from diabetes is expected to double over the next two decades, most cases are type two, the kind that mainly hits people in middle age and linked to weight gain and not getting exercise, the who says a substantial number of future cases are preventable. time now 7:26 a.m., still
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ahead a night at the marine corps ball with justin timber lake. >> answers to the nations debt crisis, rests on the shoulders of these six democrats and republicans in congress. how would you like to win a free thanksgiving dinner all you have to do is find tom's turkey hidden in a story on our website at go to the website find the logo in the story click on it register to win the free turkey from pea pod t is the featured $5 footlong™ of november. juicy chicken, marinara sauce, and melty cheese served toasted on freshly baked italian bread. get it pronto, cuz this november only, it joins our everyday $5 footlongs! subway. eat fresh.
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7:30 am
was supposed to go to. >> they were together. she was invited. can we just focus on the positive. >> it is great. >> he is extremely talented. major points for that. >> he is bringing sexy back. >> what do you want to know. >> you know the rain thing. >> okay we will see showers before this week is over. >> what about today. >> not during the day today. i don't believe so. >> okay tucker will there be rain today. >> hey. >> just joking. >> we are of a like mind on this matter, 56 degrees right tucker? 56 degrees in washington, 55 manassas, 54 at dulles airport, 58 annapolis and a very mild start to the day. now let's look at the winds they are not bad. blowing 10 miles an hour in the washington area, we will see
7:31 am
these breezy conditions continue through the course of the day. in fact i think it will pick up later as we get wind blowing up to 20, 25 miles an hour gusting that high during the afternoon today, right now sustained winds any where from 3 to 10 miles per hour. here is a look at the sentinel satellite radar this is what alison wants to know about, rain check it out. a long way away from here associated with a cold front, tracking along that front but as that front sinks south ward it could bring some rain showers to our area, perhaps by as early as tonight, i don't think during the day today although there will be enough clouds around tonight, overnight into tomorrow morning when we could see showers and later on in the week as well. so the forecast looks like this, partly sunny skies, breezy, warm, 69 degrees for your high your winds out of the south that i told you about. tonight, we do get the chance of rain showers popping up, i think particularly in the latter part of the evening
7:32 am
during overnight hours a 4 overnight lows, -- 54 overnight lows, breezy tonight. tomorrow better chance of showers during the day 67, wednesday your best chance of showers, during the day, so wednesday your best chance of rain this week, 60 degrees for your high we cool off behind that front highs 50s. overnight lows 30s. that is a look at what is happen being weather now more on this mornings rush hour traffic from julie. >> all right tony not looking so bad if you are travelling in from the north, off 95, 295, coming in on 29 headed south belt way is where we find the crew in sky fox, below speed as you travel 95, georgia avenue the crew hovering above 29 this is where you will find lanes are open no incidents to report as you continue around towards the mormon temple. back inside we will up the ride in the southeast and update this commute for you, southbound 295, howard road the accident blocking the left lane
7:33 am
delays southbound from pennsylvania avenue to the scene southbound 270, below speed out of german town, leaving 118 trying to get south, average speed, shady grove road down to 16 miles per hour. now to our cameras, you will find lanes are open, if you are travelling the outer loop of the belt way, leaving van dooren to telegraph road. inbound new york avenue, no incidents to report that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. crunch time for congressional debt super committee they have just over a week left to erase $1.2 trillion in deficits over a 10 year period. joining us now clifford rossi with the robert h smith school of business university of maryland good to see you. >> good to see you. >> down to 10 days and counting any closer to finding a middle ground here. >> if you listen to what is going on with the super committee we are still a bridge too far along this line, and it
7:34 am
really comes down to a couple things, there are key differences on the democratic side in terms of how much in terms of tax revenue need to be raised, versus republicans and republicans themselves are coming back saying we need to do something more around medicare and reduce those as well. >> sounds like the same problem we had when all of congress was trying to debate the issue. wasn't the idea to get these close members of congress out. >> you have to remember we are talking about elected officials when looking at all son touch weensies in play, 33% of our budget is coming from medicare and medicaid, 20% from social security and 20% defense department those are very difficult areas to cut and thing about for both sides because of again their constituencies and the fact we are looking at an election coming upon us. >> republicans took a step to try to look at tax cuts, while
7:35 am
it may have been noble it didn't benefit people other than the wealthy. >> that's correct what republicans are trying to do is reduce the marginal tax rate from 35% down to 28% but in some ways basically, take back some of the itemized reductions for those wealthier folks democrats look at that as hey you haven't gone far enough on this we need to see more on the table if you look at the two plans, 2.2 trillion for the democrats a trillion of that happens to be on the revenue side, 1.2 trillion for republican a half trillion only on the republican side. >> it is tough to hear what is happening for the group do you think we will get something done? get an agreement in the next 10 days? >> it is unlikely we will get the full 1.2 trillion they are shooting for end of the day we are likely to get some sort of partial agreement what we really ought to be shooting for is something other than simpson
7:36 am
bowls committee argued, earlier this year $4 trillion to try to avoid longer term issues we hay -- longer term issues we may be facing. the idea going back again is to try to get something done and just be done with it, i don't want to say an all or nothing kind of deal but that is what it was. can we do partial cuts? can we do something where we extend this or go back to try again how might that work. >> it is kind of death by a thousand cuts and then we only have to look over to europe to see how that is going. so from that stand point i think if we were to try to accomplish a larger scale we have an opportunity we don't get that often to put something in place that would be significant, and gain i am not hopeful we will get there. >> if nothing is done if we go to automatic cuts how big of a failure is that not only from a financial stand point but from
7:37 am
a psychological, stand point. >> it is bigger than i think the financial cut would be wall street has taken into account there will not be much here on the table by the time we get to thanksgiving end of the day it is much more psychological and adds to the fodder,. >> going back to the financial sector of things and how it impacts us in daily lives are we looking at things like mortgages? interest? >> that has come up i think more importantly i think you will see, for all of us things like the increasing age of medicare, when we can take that maybe slowing down, the cost increases of inflation adjustors for social security i think it would be unlikely to see the mortgage interest reduction taken away. >> we will talk more about it in the next ten days. >> indeed thank you. >> clifford rossi university of maryland. 7:37 a.m., 56 degrees now coming up next twilight fans
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taking desperate measures ahead of tonight's pre mere of breaking down. if you see a story you think we should look into, let us know about it send your news tips to fox 5 tips, or call ...
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making headlines this morning, fed up with decade of police spying on the daily lives of muslims, activists in new york are discouraging muslims from going directly to police with concerns about terrorism, part of a campaign to teach people how to identify informants and talk with a lawyer before speaking with authority, it was recently revealed nypd has been eves dropping in muslim communities often without evidence of wrong doing. in missouri as the search for baby lisa continues, her parents lawyer claims a cell phone call proves his clients are innocent the night she
7:42 am
disappeared in early october they said their three cell phones were missing one was used just before midnight to call a woman the couple didn't know and someone tried to access the voice mail and internet of the phone two times, within a mile of the couples home. a rocket blasted off this morning, the three people onboard will dock wednesday. the new crew will stay in space until march. all right, 7:42 a.m., mr. perkens. >> yes, -- >> no, let me do it. >> why do you -- >> i was going to give him the benefit of the doubt >> i just want to say you are about the eat some tv crow. >> a little bit. >> if you didn't watch earlier we said how justin timber lake went to the marine corps ball this weekend instead of talking about that tony went right in, bashing mila kunis about not
7:43 am
going. >> remember she tried to back out early on. >> here comes the defense. >> as it turns out she is going to one of the military balls this weekend so -- >> with sergeant scott moore. >> excellent. >> in greenville north carolina. >> that is good. >> you know tony will make sure she was there. >> right. >> you are right all i knew was that -- >> quick to bash mila. >> okay. i was wrong. i admit that i frequently admit that. has he said enough. >> i admit it when i am wrong. >> he has said enough. >> i am sorry mila. i am sorry. >> who knows where she is. she could be watching. >> that's right. good for her for going. hey, come on. sincere apology. 56 degrees here in washington, 59 in quantico, 54 gaithersburg, baltimore is at
7:44 am
56 degrees, culpepper 55 degrees now, check it out to the north and west detroit, 47, chicago, 40, not the final score in the game yesterday, but it is much cooler back there behind a cold front, temperatures in the 40s and 30s across the northern plains. here is what we have to look forward to as far as rainfall. clouds around, and then things look pretty good for a few hours, clearing skies but then clouds build back in, future cast does not really show rain moving into our area, until early tomorrow morning, that is a bit of a change from yesterday, then on wednesday we definitely get some rain moving through here, wednesday will be the rainiest day that we have this weekend the best chance of rain is on wednesday. all right here is your 5 day forecast high today, 69 degrees, breezy, under partly sunny skies tomorrow, a few rain showers, friday cooler highs only in the 50s that is the latest on the weather more in a little bit.
7:45 am
all right let's check with julie wright. hey you guys just a quick hello to my friends out on girls on the run from eve mills and the crew yesterday we had a fantastic time, montgomery county fair ground. the first 5 k race for a lot of the young girls out there we were running home a little girl, entering into her first 5 k race that is her mom we were cheering her on it was a proud moment for me for them to invite me out there for the event. they had dj ice on hand, all kinds of food it was a lot of fun. girls on the run great support system great to see these girls having a good time and doing something fun they love to do together. thank you for inviting me out there yesterday. with that in mind, i will tell you out on the road, some of you may be heading out this morning, it is below speed on the belt way, 95 georgia avenue, inbound new york avenue no accidents just traffic light delays, northeast to northwest. travelling into the district,
7:46 am
southbound along 295, howard road accident activities in the left lane. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> wait almost over for diehard twilight fans breaking dawn hits theaters friday or technically thursday midnight tonight the stars of the show will walk the red carpet for the pre mere in los angeles, fans from all over the country have been camped out just to try to catch a glimpse of the cast yesterday a few cast members stopped by to say hello to their loyal followers. charlie brown is back -- excuse me, charlie brown back with a brand new holiday special. >> i need professional help, i can't get rid of this blanket. it's the only thing that keeps me going. >> well, as they say on tv, the mere fact you realize you need help indicates you are not too far gone.
7:47 am
and happiness is a warm blanket charlie brown the gang tries to help linus part with his beloved security blanket in time for a visit from grandma the special airs here on fox thanksgiving day. all right. well, our holly morris is standing by with a talented group of students this morning. >> live at ash burn with the drama club good morning. >> good morning to you i thought i did a lot my senior year, but this guy, he has written and composed an entire high school musical, it is an original it will be performed live on stage, here at briar wood high school in ash burn where we are live but not before we get a sneak peek at an early morning performance. fox 5 morning news stay with us time so say good morning to
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our facebook fan of the day ann hates getting up for work every morning but watching fox 5 is her motivation. well, we love to do that for you ann. if you want to be tomorrow's fan of the day search fox 5 morning news no space between fox and number 5 and post a comment under ann's photo. 7:48 a.m. 
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the national cathedral is open once again parishioners filled the pews sunday for the first time since the august earthquake. repairs are expected to take yearcost at least $15 million. the cathedral is putting the finishing touches on an exhibit documenting the earthquake damage. drama students at briar wood high school in ash burn will perform a unique show this week. >> holly morris is there to
7:52 am
find out more about elizabeth the musical. what i love about this beside it is production we are giving this young man, like his due you know, i think it is very special. >> i think it is very special and i hope he remembers us when he gets his first tony, right? >> right. >> listen this is amazing if you are at home going i never really heard of elizabeth the musical that is because it is an original, that has been put together by a senior here at briar woods high school they are gearing up for their premier this coming weekend they couldn't do it, however without marilyn gilligan the drama teacher and the recipient of wolf trap's outstanding arts teacher for louden county congratulations. >> thanks a lot. >> you guys probably do a musical every year. >> we do. >> i remember become in the high school musicals, that was a big selection to decide which one you are going to do how does this come about. >> greg came to me end of last
7:53 am
year he said i would like to do a musical. okay i love the fact any student doing anything so i jumped on the opportunity. >> so it is literally a year in the making. >> yes, it has. >> this is no small scale production give me an idea of the magnitude here. >> it is a full scale, 18 songs, full costumes we have never spent this much time on any show before, sets, costumes, it is incredible. >> were you ever nervous wondering how is this really beginning to play out. has it exceeded your expectations. >> i knew greg and his abilities it is perfect i knew it would be this great. >> you thing students would be -- has it been, an even more enjoyable experience for them they have been able to take even more ownership. we have costume designers, set designers, publicity, posters. >> this has to make you feel beyond accomplished as a teacher.
7:54 am
>> it does and i have a huge program so i love getting them busy keeping them doing things this is fantastic. >> well, we have been watching the master mind at work all morning we are going to check in with him now, you can see he is down stage has all his equipment, this is greg the writer, and composer, and senior in high school hello to you. >> nice to see you. >> how did you decide on elizabeth? >> well, i knew it was a story people love and i was shocked to find out it is a story everyone just goes crazy over, elizabeth tudor has its own cult everyone love it is story. >> i have read quite a few books on her myself. how do you take an amazing story and put it to music, write a script, put a story together and get your peers to perform it. >> generally you have to start with what you want to have your final thing you know your final product to be you want a story you want to have you know, how do i want this to effect people then from there you just kind of work in tandem i just kind
7:55 am
of wrote the story first and then threw music on top of it and then you go back and forth. >> yes, just like that. put it together the whole musical get her started and then we will talk about more how you put her together. >> this is one of the songs from the beginning of the show elizabeth sings. ♪ [ music ] i notice here you obviously have your computer your key board tell me the equipment you used. >> this is a computer we have from mac what we have is logic installed i have a key board over here i will play something on the piano here and turn it into another instrument like strings or flutes or french horn or anything put it on here and then we have a thing on top of it that is how we made the cast cd. >> how much time have you spent
7:56 am
on this over the past year. >> hundreds of hours. >> how are you doing in your other classes? i am kidding. >> i'm surviving. >> obviously this is what you want to do. >> of course this is what i always wanted to do >> for you to get an opportunity like this here at high school level means what? >> unreal for me. >> unreal for us to watch you work and be here this morning, here is what you need to know elizabeth the musical is making its world pre mere, briar woods high school this weekend here in ash burn, thursday, friday and saturday, our website we have a link to there if you want to find out about the exact location we have only begun we are spending the morning with greg we will talk to other students to go behind the scenes to see how this original will be pulled off back to y'all in studio. >> i am impressed. >> thank you. >> great job. not many people understand how hard that is >> i choreographed a 2 minute
7:57 am
piece it nearly killed me. >> congratulations are you going to perform it. >> no, it was for my little girl. national education week, president of the national education association, 3.2 million strong will join us live from tc williams high school in alexandria. the campaign trail is heating up, candidates for president, battled it out over the weekend a new poll is showing a dead heat between three hopefuls, the latest from jonathan strong. we will be right back [ female announcer ] this is steve and lynn, and they have a good question.
7:58 am
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your washington red skins are 3 and 6 on the season but their losing record is not the only problem now two players are facing serious accusations off the field. trade with asia could mean more jobs here at home more on the president's working trip to hawaii ahead this hour. >> herman cain's wife and children speaking out for the first time since four women stepped forward accusing the presidential hopeful of sexual
8:01 am
harassment. happy monday. >> their reaction to those charge it is cain family coming up this hour. >> how nice would it be to have a working trip to hawaii. i would gladly do this show from hawaii. wouldn't that be great. >> well, we should some day >> i hope we do. >> that would be fantastic. >> meantime we can bring some spring like conditions through today. we will temperatures upper 60s to 70 degrees, not bad at all, plenty of clouds around, it will be breezy but other than that a 5 day let's look at hd radar we want to show you the rainfall well off to the northwest, we are not talking about rain around here, not in maryland, pennsylvania, ohio, it is associated with a frontal boundary, slowly making its way east ward eventually we will get some of that rain at the earliest it would be overnight tonight into tomorrow morning we don't have the worry about that today, right now regan
8:02 am
national reporting a temperature, 56 degrees, relative humidity, 59% winds out of the south, 10 miles per hour those will pick up later on and be rather breezy this afternoon winds could gust 20 to 25 miles per hour your day planner, partly sunny, breezy, warmer highs upper 60s. a couple of you could get to 70 degrees or so, 69 in town, that is actually 10 degrees warmer than average. more on the forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> thank you. let's check with julie wright. hi julie. >> good morning already we are off to a slow start on the outer loop of the belt way, now coming from montgomery county, headed down fairfax a few moments ago, it was open, now outer loop of the belt way, stalled car tieing up the right side of the highway, we have delays as you travel from river road across the american legion bridge, down towards tie sens, the inner -- tysons, the inner
8:03 am
loop, outer loop of the belt way, clearing out nicely, wilson bridge wrapping it up southbound 270, lanes are open, pace is congested, leaving rockville for the split. checking top stories, dc police investigating an early morning homicide a man shot in the 500 block edge wood street northeast, 220 this morning he later died at the hospital. no word on suspects at this point. >> police in the district going through video tape from metro bus shot at early yesterday, some body shot through the back windows of a u 6 leaving several bullet holes the bus was at 37th street and bridge road northwest one man was hit taken to hospital but no word on his injury. >> >> an arrest warrant issued for oscar ortega officers found his car crashed on to the off ramp of the bridge.
8:04 am
he is from idaho police believe he still in the dc region. trouble on and off the field for the red skins, tight end fred davis and offensive tackle, trent williams, tested positive for recreational drug use during last sumptuous lock out could face fines -- last summers lock out. could face fines. they are among 11 players league wide who failed drug tests. on the field red skins fell to the dolphins 20-9. world leaders gathering in hawaii agree upon a set of measures to increase economic growth and job creation. foxes chief white house correspondent with details from honolulu. >> reporter: trying to keep an eye on unemployment at home, even as he engages world leaders, president obama used the apec summit to out the trade >> my highest priority as president is to create jobs and
8:05 am
put americans back the work one of the best ways to do that is to increase our trade and exports with other nations. since this is the world's fastest growing region, the asia pacific is key to achieving my goal of doubling u.s. exports. at a news conference wrapping the summit in his home state of hawaii the president said he is not giving up hope for his fall jobs bill in congress. he had a not so subtle threat for republicans. >> i am going to keep on pushing my expectation is that we will get some of it done now, and i will keep on pushing until we get all of it done. that may take me all the way until november to get it all done and it may take a new congress to get it all done. >> republican candidates focused on taking his job, charge the president's bill is a repeat of failed policies, too much government spending. >> right now we are spending 25% of the economy at the federal level that has to be brought down to a cap of 20% i will get that done within my first term if i am lucky enough
8:06 am
to get elected how do you do that, one eliminating programs a lot of programs we like but simply can't afford. the president will be focused on re-election monday here in honolulu when he holds a fundraiser then back to global economy and security issues as he heads to australia and indonesia, before heading home to washington to deal with the super committees looming deadline. that deadline ten days away now. herman cane's wife said sexual allegations against do not ring true. >> she is speaking out to fox news for the first time since herman cain got into the run for the white house. >> from a debate, to embattled president hopeful, herman cain hearing from his wife he is getting a vote of confidence from her they have been married 43 years including the time he worked at the national restaurant association, four women have stepped forward saying the gop hopeful sexually
8:07 am
harassed him during tenure there. but mrs. cain tells fox she just doesn't believe it. >> to hear such graphic allegations and know that that would have been something that was totally disrespectful of her as a woman, and i know that is not the person he is. he totally respects women. the full interview airs tonight 10:00 p.m. fox news channel. >> cain's lead may be slipping, romney is in the need followed by gingrich with cain in third. thank you. joining us now with more on how the republican presidential race is shaping up, jonathan strong with roll call good to see you. >> how you doing. >> good thank you. does it help or hurt that his wife of 43 years came and spoke out for the first time.
8:08 am
>> absolutely it helps, that is a testament to someone from someone who has seen him up close for many years i think it is a little worrying if you are herman cain and it took that long there was originally a plan to do this and they stopped and weren't going to do it now it finally happened, but of course you know his wife helps him. all of this we have been talking about this for some time these allegations, he still is doing pretty well in this race, talk about where he is. >> he has been the candidate for whom rules don't apply it has been interesting to watch, one of the things about herman cain's appeal and some of these other candidate's appeal the voters in the primary are looking for a conservative alternative to mitt romney when michelle bachmann and some other candidates rose and then fell it was more than we alternatives to cain than they were alternatives to romney, and now they have gone back to cain they are taking a second
8:09 am
look attenuate gingrich. okay you say he has taken a bit of a hit with some women. >> his favour ability ratings declined which you would expect from negative press from a story. newt gingrich he called himself the turtle in the race where do you think he is? >> people are looking at him again, he is always suffered from discipline problems, in his rhetoric and in his personal life you know earlier this summer he was on a cruise to the greek islands and his staff resigned en masse. people will look at his time as speaker he faced a mum were of dill can youties he -- a number of difficulties he faced as speaker he will have to talk about. >> there is another cbs poll that shows almost a dead heat between three of the top three contenders, if you will, how
8:10 am
unusual is this when should we see some other candidates start to you know maybe drop out, fall by the wayside a bit. >> reporter: it is not unusual i think some candidates on the fringe, it is getting about time where you may want to start getting out of the race and voters can focus on who is really up there, these top three candidates, but you know, it is still wide open at this point and even though mitt romney has been in that top division for a long time it could easily switch. >> mitt romney, newt gingrich and herman cain in that three way race if you will right now the debate anything come out that was news worthy? they talked about foreign issues, domestic issues, reducing the federal deficit anything of importance come out? >> what you saw were republicans trying to create a strong contrast with president obama heading into the general election republicans have traditionally done well on national security issues obama had victories on foreign policy
8:11 am
including, killing osama bin laden and so it is going to be a little more difficult for them this time around what i thought was interesting mitt romney is the only one who got a response from president obama, on the issue of iran, romney said, if you vote for obama, you know, iran will get a nuclear weapon and obama dismissed that in remarks yesterday. >> all right jonathan strong with roll call appreciate you coming in. >> of course thanks. 11 minutes past the hour today the 90th annual, american education week gets under way coming up live at tc williams high school in alexandria with a look at the future of education, fox 5 morning news back after this 
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
the truck carrying the
8:15 am
capitol christmas tree is making some pitt stops, folks in los angeles got a look at it yesterday, it comes from the stanislas in national forest in northern california, it is expected to reach the district in two weeks the tree lighting ceremony is december 6th. then the spirit of the holiday will be with us. >> then i will light my own tree because i am not invited to the national christmas tree lighting again. >> did you apply. >> no. >> i thought you did get into the lottery. >> no. >> we won't be there either. >> it is all on tv. >> it is not the same. i probably shouldn't have mentioned that. let's look at what is going on with the my first 5 photo of the day,. >> yes hey, pretty girl.
8:16 am
>> oh. what a cutie this is madison. she was happy and having fun she was running around at her brothers soccer game. >> great photo. >> it is a great photo. you know when the brothers or sisters are playing and then the younger ones they just keep trying to run out on to the field. >> hi brother. >> she is like -- that is an action shot. >> it is. >> she may have been running on her way to the field thanks for sending the picture in if you would like to send us a picture of your child go to click on mornings. take a look at temperatures hey, we are up to 57 degrees right now, it is not bad you step out the door it is like okay i can deal with this : temps in the 50s. 56 boston, 59 wilmington north carolina check it out as we go across the country much cooler air, to the north and west, now, 68 degrees right now cincinnati, 71 in st. louis, that is really really nice.
8:17 am
behind that, look at the drop off, 39 in chicago, 47 wichita, 47 lincoln nebraska, a cold front coming through and actually producing some rain across portions of the midwest right now eventually makes its way here but takes time. u.s. satellite radar, there is your front you can see the line of clouds and precipitation along the northern portion of that front now pushing through, ohio, indiana, pennsylvania, new york state places like that. eventually, that front will push east ward we will get showers mainly initial showers late tonight into the early morning hours tomorrow but the best chance of rain will be wednesday. your high today, 69 degrees, under partly sunny skies, it will be breezy as well, winds blowing up to 20 or 25 miles per hour, tomorrow a few showers particularly in the morning, 67 for your high, wednesday 60 and showers during the day on wednesday, thursday and friday, we dry out and cool
8:18 am
off, highs, only 50s. that is a look at what is happen being weather now more on this mornings rush hour traffic for that, we go to julie wright. >> i sent you an e-mail of my christmas list i was wondering if you got it. >> i have a spam protector, on my computer [ laughter ] >> that may have blocked it. >> san the doesn't like not nice better be nice [ laughter ] >> i will check and see if it is there. you can always buy one or two things don't have to buy the whole list. outer loop of the belt way here, american legion bridge, waiting for you down at the dulles toll road, stalled car in the right lane county tributing -- contributing to this delay. 395 an easy commute, leaving u street headed out to the 14th street bridge. all right julie thank you. at the start of american education week some top education officials are
8:19 am
gathering at tc williams high school in alexandria they call a model of the 21st century school let's join a couple of them now. joining us to talk about the state of education and priorities for the future, the president of that national education association on the right of your screen and dr. sherman on the left. >> good morning. >> i would like to start with you, first of all the bring us up to speed on where you see the future of education going here not just in alexandria, not just in dc but across the country. >> this is the 90th anniversary of american education week. it served us well in this nation for 90 years now as we are moving into the 21st century we must ensure we do it again for all of the students in america. >> one of the questions that has come up recently i know you have taken opposition to any federally mandated evaluations for teachers, what do you feel is the best way to make sure teachers are held to the
8:20 am
highest level when it comes to teaching our students. >> it is very important you have a good system combined with good professional development we want every teacher to improve professional skills from day one. we believe that decision ought to be made at the local level, consultation with the school board, administration and employee that is work there. >> let's talk where you are today, tc williams high school a lot of people saying this is a good model school when it comes to future of learning what do you find so special about tc? >> they have great traditions for a long time we cared about each student a diverse population some of the brightest, best, some of the most challenging kids you will find any where. going back to teacher evaluation i think those pun dents out there say we need tough evaluation systems, have it backward. there is no doubt great public schools of america have become great because of the people who teach in our classrooms who walk in our hallways, sit at the desk and do the work every single day for our students so
8:21 am
evaluations are an important%, a necessary part -- an important part of it, a necessary part, we have found that balance between appropriate evaluation, tough evaluation and great supports for all our staff members. >> let me stay with you for a second and talk about this as we move into the future one place your school has gotten high marks when it comes to dealing with technology as we move towards the future how do you see that changing in the classroom. oh, i think that technology is a tool and an important tool remarkable tool but the most important person and resource is still the teacher in the classroom we here at tc invested a lot of money so every single student has a laptop we recognize, particularly in a diverse community, such as ours over 56% of our students do noter do have free or reduced lunch and do not have computers at home. we need to break that digital divide so technology we give to high schoolthroughout the
8:22 am
district is part of their livea necessary part of their learning. >> i would like to go back to you for a second it is fan fastic when you have an -- fantastic when you have an opportunity where you have laptops available for students not all school districts have that luxury, how do you make sure those who don't have the facilities can keep pace with larger more affluent districts. >> it is a challenge the economic crisis has enveloped our country, state budget crisis is a way for them to balance the budget we have a real challenge in front of us as dr. sherman said it is important we level that playing field give every child that opportunity, for a great education and that is our job a collective responsibility, a shared responsibility, policy makers, parents, community educators. >> either one of you can answer the question, basically this is american education week that is what we are focussing on this
8:23 am
week beside it is two of you secretary duncan is there what do you go into a week like this hoping to accomplish how does that normally work out by the end of the week. well, i sent a note to all of our staff yesterday in response to an article i saw in the washington post about stress in fairfax county montgomery county we are no different here in alexandria city than school systems across the country finding that balance, finding the way that we encourage and support our teachers and yet expect the very best from them is a tough issue, of american education this week is a reminder a good pause for us to come back and look deeply at how we work with our teachers how we support them and how we never lose sight there are students even in this city dropping out not achieving at levels we want them to when we look at that balance we know the only way we will make a difference is by paying attention to individuals who care so deeply about our kids. >> when you look at this week, american education week did you
8:24 am
come in with specific goals in mind? >> i think it is important we look back over 90 years this is the 90th anniversary and the role education played. as a youngster i was told work hard get an education follow your dreams that is true for the future the second thing i want to do is acknowledge all the people who works at the school who reaches out to the parents and community it is time to celebrate what they do each and every day. >> gentlemen thank you both for your time. >> thank you. >> 8:24 a.m., alison. >> thank you so much. coming up next a look at stories making headlines this monday morning. another week, another quarterback change do you see a pattern? dave ross joins us -- we don't change our quarterback. >> no,. >> it is dave ross. >> maybe he should try out. we will check with holly too, live at a local high school where students are putting on a musical written by one of their own. stay with us
8:25 am

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the best place for a vacation is mississippi. you mean louisiana. florida's where folk's want to be. alabama's got you all beat. no matter which state you choose, everyone agrees the gulf is vacation at it's best. mississippi outdoors, louisiana seafood, florida beaches, alabama shoreline. so come on down to mississippi, louisiana, florida, alabama. the gulf is the world's goodtime headquarters. and we are 100% open for business. taking a look at stories making head leans, dc police chief set down a club in
8:28 am
northeast dc after a violent attack left a victim in critical condition. the stabbing happened at stadium strip club, queens chapel road it is closed for four days while police investigate. >> owner of a popular new anacostia restaurant facing serious drug charges, she has $1.5 million worth of cocaine delivered to her office in a truck, federal agents say they tracked the drugs from texas, dasher owns the union town bar and grill. parishioners filled the pews at national cathedral for the first time since the august earthquake, closed to visitors after quake damage, the cathedral has been deemed structurally safe however there is still protective netting, strung between the ceiling to catch debris that may fall. >> they were glad to be back inside. all right tucker, may there be no earthquakes, no hurricanes. >> may today be a good outside day. >> you got it the weekend turned out generally nice, cloudy yesterday, temperatures
8:29 am
mild other than the terrible football games there are for the portion of the afternoon. >> not sure what is going on. >> yeah, today cloud cover a mix of clouds and -- >> did he say ravens. >> yes, he is making fun of me. highs near 70. yeah, that is good news. yep, in fact, the forecast next couple days, looks down right mild, all right, 57 right now at regan national, 55 gaithersburg, you know cowboys win won game here is what happens, leonard town 59, annapolis, 59 degrees off to the north and west, 50s for you in the mountains as well, hagerstown 53, 54 winchester here is the deal winds will pick up out of the south a warm breeze at times gusting to 25 miles per hour be ready for that later this afternoon. winds now, 8 washington, 10 quantico, they will pick up and get breezy ahead of our frontal
8:30 am
system, behind this front, we have much cooler air for the end of the week up ahead of it, that southerly flow, helps push temperatures upper 60s. low 70s. it will not be a perfectly sunny day, lookout in west virginia, we are getting clearing, that should help boost temperatures all in all not a terrible looking day and generally dry i think the rain gets in here overnight tonight and a few showers during the day tomorrow. your 5 day, 69 this afternoon nice forecast breezy conditions expected mild overnight, temperatures mid-50s. mild tomorrow a few showers around as that temperature moves on cooler temperatures, 50s. thursday and friday. there is more fall out from the penn state child sex abuse scandal there may be investigation into who knew about gerry sanduskys charity
8:31 am
and the state could strengthen child abuse laws, pennsylvania is only one of a few states that do not require certain adults to report abuse to law or enforcement. >> when you don't follow through, when you don't continue on to make sure actions are taken, then i lose confidence in your ability to lead that would be the case here. >> i just wanted to go and give him my support and just how unfair and unjust i thought, you know, they fired him. >> sandusky is charged with 21 counts allegedly abusing 8 boys over a 15 year period. nats catcher, wilson are most's nightmare is over. commandos in venezuela freed him from kidnappers saturday. he did not know if he would
8:32 am
live through the or deal he says he is thankful to be alive. speaking at a news conference, he said the final moments were hair raising when police and kidnappers eke changed heavy gunfire -- exchanged heavy gunfire during his rescue. >> washington red skins, 3 and 6 on the season. players tested positive for what is described as recreational drug use during last summers lock out. >> wilson are most had to dive under a bed while gunshots were blasting around him. commandos come and rescue him. >> we are so glad to see ramos is okay a fascinating story thank god it has a happienedding. sadly for red skins not happy last five weeks, imagine this, steve, first time ever in mike shanahan's illustrious coaching career he has had a five game losing streak. the problem starts and ends at
8:33 am
the quarterback position as to who is going to be the leader rest of the way he went with rex grossman yesterday, mixed results to say the least. defense stepped up played a pretty good ball game forced a couple turn overs, ryan kerrigan has done everything a first round draft pick should be. here is rex, had himself a day. >> that was nice. >> going over 100-yards first time rocky receiver -- rookie receiver since 2001. hanker son made some cuts, here is the dagger play, fourth quarter, first and goal third and goal, fourth and goal okay maybe first and goal you got a bad play check out of it. >> even a field goal you would have been down by one. >> ensuing drive was kind of that back breaker drive the defense, you know, a lot of people i saw on twitter said well, defense can't give up an adr you get demoralized for awhile they hung in there and couldn't make the plays, or
8:34 am
enough plays at the end that is why dolphins were dancing and red skins frowning at 3 and 6 now. and you know we've talked about the schedule on paper it looks easy for this team nothing looks easy when you watch that offence i talked to tony about this via text after the game yesterday it is like watching a team in quick sand their offence is in quick stand, two steps forward one major step back that holding penalty on a touchdown early that would have put them up 7-0. it was unnecessary and little things like that keep steam rolling forbig things and they are just not good enough to overcome it. a couple years ago they started 6 and 2. >> when they come off they really come off you can't figure out a way to put them back on. in the past we don't have to look far to see that with this team. is the locker room gone now? i don't think so.
8:35 am
we saw london fletcher we have to stick to what we do. i think that is a good thing just not translating to win. >> what is a little dispointing when you talk about the locker room, arapahoe tweeting after the game feels like the other teams have the w written down before they play it. >> that is tough when miami looks at you like home coming, as a one win team you got to go down and get that win,ed isly they did not as you said last -- win, sadly they did not. let me ask you this we talked about off field issues red skins in addition to poor play at times they have been hurt they have a lot of players not around could they lose trent or fred davis. >> i think they will get fined fred said yesterday he expected to get fined the testing was done after the lock out ended so whatever they had done prelock out carried over into the pretesting haven't heard from trent yet on this issue i
8:36 am
don't think it will be a suspension but a fine. really quick will, there has been a lot of claimer about tim tebow his day yesterday was bizarre to say the least in case you are not aware what he did in kansas city on the road his whole line for the day passing, two completed passes, out of eight attempts for 69- yards. >> and he won. >> he had this rushing here to put him up early here is the next one ready for this? this is a beautiful throw. >> hits him dead stride. >> 56-yard touchdown. game over. >> first time since 1974 a quarterback has had more rushing attempts than passing attempts is won the game. denver changed their offence to fit their quarterback and they are winning. >> he has a winning record as a starting quarterback going back the last season. >> some times you can't just stick with a system. good for them hopefully we have good news after dallas.
8:37 am
>> i heard what you said to alison earlier my people informed me of what you said. >> they have lost five straight. not all of them. >> talking about the last five. >> what do you mean? i pick carolina. >> you are done with picking the red skins. >> i am not picking them any more. >> dave i hop you heard you should move from being our quarterback to red skins. >> that is why i love you alison. >> okay thank you. 8:37 a.m. i blew him one first on monday morning a new list of the worst airports when it comes to delaya local airport makes it into the top three. more on that when we come back ♪
8:38 am
8:39 am
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heads up for you now the three left lanes of the southbound capital belt way will be closed 10:00 p.m. tonight until 5:00 a.m.
8:41 am
tomorrow morning for some bridge construction the effected area is from lewisville road to the route 123 exit near mclane drivers should expect delays, the work is part of metro's expansion of the silver line through tyson's corner. >> week long seat belt enforcement effort under way virginia highways state police and local law enforcement began the click it or ticket campaign to increase seat belt use in the common wealth, 257 unbuckled driverpassengers have died in traffic crashes in virginia. >> travel and leisure is out with ranks of the worst airport, baltimore came in second, san francisco 22% of its flights delayed in the last year, that is good for third worst, bwi, placed second on the list with 23% of flights delayed, top of the list when it comes to best of the worst, chicago midway, 30% of flights
8:42 am
at midway delayed. >> at least we are number two. not number one. >> 8:42 a.m., a little comfort that serves up. 8:42 a.m. on monday morning, justin timber lake making good on a promise and making a virginia marine's dream come true. check in with holly speaking of music and talented young people. >> exactly steve. you know, i have the best seat in the house i am on stage watching a one of a kind production, one of a kind being the key phrase, live this morning up where the drama department is gearing up for elizabeth the musical. written and composed by a senior here at the school, we will talk about what it has taken to put this together. live next on fox 5 morning news stay with us 
8:43 am
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and partnering with a school that brings academic excellence to the anacostia community. because the more we do in greater washington, d.c., the more we help make opportunity possible. a lot of high school seniors focused on things like home coming, prom, graduation. >> one local student has written and composed his own musical. holly morris is at blare woods high school to learn more about
8:46 am
this show. good morning. >> good morning the only thing you need to know about this show it is a must see, production, i am telling you when you come out and see elizabeth the musical, blare wood high school in ash burn you will not be disappointed in fact you will be impressed, at the level of talent that you will see on the stage. when you realize that the whole show has been done by students, you will be impressed all that much more and starts with greg the writer and composer and the brains behind this amazing production. so, how do you think it is going? >> i think it is going fantastic better than i ever imagined it would. >> really. >> yes. >> do you find your fellow students are receptive when you give them direction. >> yes, they are so easy to work with some of my best friends are here and couldn't be greater. >> they still like you. >> i am shocked too. >> what kind of criticism have you been giving or how have you molded the show >> we have so much talent, we only have to give them certain vocal comments, mrs. gilligan helps them bring the stage to
8:47 am
life with criticism how to stand, act, i haven't had to do too much. >> do you thing you will be nervous. yes. i will be dying. >> when do you thing you will know that yes, i pulled it off, will it be one scene in, intermission or at the curtain call. >> i think when it is all over. >> how are ticket sales going >> fantastic we have many people i think yeah. >> how many of them are not your family? >> just kidding [ laughter ] >> hopefully a lot. >> hopefully a lot now you have had your hand in every aspect of the production, right. yes. >> so how do you -- you just lay awake at night visualizing everything you write down notes when something comes to you. >> what generally happen it is creative process is over the summer and past year, once i have that put together i just have to worry about mrs. gilligan directing it me trying to get the music together. the creative process is over. so you are good. >> i hope so.
8:48 am
>> just kidding i am trying to make you more nervous he really has instituted his other friends and other talented people here at the school to work on every aspect of the show i want to bring in kaylin gilligan she is assistant director how do you feel about the show. >> it is going great >> i understand you are a huge elizabethan buff you made sure it was true to history. >> yes in the opening scene we had a guillotine but now we have an executioners sword they wouldn't have had that. >> you are right it didn't come until later you had the keep it more real. we have here with us emily hire she is the costume designer, and she also happens to be queen mary in the show as well so only if you were doing more to be a part of this production these are amazing costumes for the high school level. >> thank you. >> how did you begin. >> we started doing a lot of background research to make
8:49 am
sure they were appropriate and fit with what we were doing, we had costume sketches what was going to work. >> so then you have different levels obviously the very ornate, and oz. tenuti house costumes but you had to come up with dirty costumes. >> exactly we have a number of peasants we take this dirt here and we apply it on the costume, there is some on here i will show you and it smears on like that. >> how long have you been working on the costumes. >> about two months ever since the show started we immediately began it is a long process. >> as much a part of the process as learning the music. >> explain what is going on here. >> a man dies, elizabeth has a fast costume change we have her ball outfit but to make it super fast we made her skirt rotatable if you just twist it around like this and hook it on the other side she is now queen we cover it up now i have purple and this here sorry
8:50 am
amanda, is also rotatable so it matches her purple and now she is queen. >> whose idea was that? >> um, well, it was a combination between mrs. gilligan and i trying to come up with something quick. >> what do you like better costumes or being on stage. >> i really love being on stage i would have to pick on stage but i enjoy costumes. >> you will really enjoy coming out and seeing elizabeth the musical making its premier here blare woods high school ash burn this thursday, friday and saturday. we have a link to their website, tickets are going fast get them now, next hour we will have another performance and talk set design, back to you all. a lot goes into a show when you start from scratch. 8:50 a.m., more on how justin timber lake made good on a promise to a virginia marine.
8:51 am
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>> justin timber lake a man of his word he attended the marine corps ball in virginia she asked timber lake to be her date over the summer in a video posted on youtube he posted it on his website i felt proud to be there i felt like i was getting a chance to be among my heros it is funny too because a lot of them are so much younger than me. way to go jt. >> i think that is great. good for him for showing up and following threw on it. time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. it is ann with the honor today, happen hates getting up for -- ann hates getting up for work every morning but watching fox 5 is her motivation. >> we don't like getting up either. >> but we share that motivation with you. post a comment under ann's photo we will pick one of you to be tomorrow's fan of the
8:55 am
day. tony is back after the break. he will take you up until 10:00 a.m. >> spiritual, self-help guru, deepak chopra says you can find peace through modern technology. meditating with xbox or wii? >> that is out there. >> he will join us live coming up, 8:55 a.m., 57 degrees ♪
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paterno. a very special guest joining us live, spiritual and self-help guru, dr. deepak chopra will talk about his new book and video games he is basically every body is on wii or xbox he is marrying hisser and chew wallty with modern -- spirituality. i am looking forward to that. tucker barnes standing by to tell us what is happening outside. hey, tucker. >> hey, tony should be a decent monday, clouds around during the course of the day highs upper 60s to 70, i don't thing we will have any complaining should be a nice, mild afternoon . regan national, mild overnight temperatures on the warm side, 60 down ott the naval -- down at the naval air station, we are looking for our frontal system off to th


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